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Verifuse is the simplest online product verification system out there!

Web users today are ultra-smart when it comes to security

In 2018, basically all web users are tech-savvy enough to know not to download random shit or give their social security number to some spam site. Problem is, what about legitimate software developers? Small online companies lose a great portion of their potential user base because their products appear "sketchy." You can't just put a padlock icon on your website - that tactic won't fool anyone. So what can software developers and webmasters do to convince people that their products/services are indeed no-scam, totally legit?

Introducing Verifuse! We'll check your website/application for malware and scams. If we don't find any bad stuff, we'll give you a verified, confirmed security certificate that you can stick on your website. Your customers will see that badge and think, "This shit is safe AF! I'm going to check it out." Verifuse is kind of like those "USDA Approved Organic" seals on food. People are more likely to buy when they know something is safe.


Why you'll fail without Verifuse

A young programmer made a browser extension and posted it on Reddit. Unfortunately, no one downloaded it.

This is a comment that another Redditor posted in response to the extension:

Sorry, but I think most users on this sub know better than to download random zip files and extract them with not even a hint as to what the code claims to do


Ya see, that's the shitty reality of being a solo programmer. You make cool creations, but no one trusts you. I bet that lots of people would've downloaded his app if he got it verified with Verifuse - for free! When we declare software to be safe and secure, it probably is.


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Verifuse is so easy to use for developers!

content documents


People can click on the verified tag to read a comprehensive certificate that lists useful info about the verified product.

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People recogonize Verifuse's "VERIFIED SAFE & SECURE" shield as a symbol of trust.


How it works

  1. You enter your product's details and your e-mail address in the form below.
  2. You press submit.
  3. We investigate your product's contents to make sure that there's no malware.
  4. We send you an e-mail to give you your "VERIFIED SAFE & SECURE" badge and certificate.
  5. You copy the embed code and paste it into your website.
  6. Your customers are convinced that your product/service is totally legit, no-scam!

Yup, it's super easy!

Try it free

Please enter a valid e-mail address. And only use your own e-mail! If you troll us by typing someone else's e-mail, they will recieve your security badge. Not a good idea!

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